Cleaning Supplies Red Deer


We don't just specialize in vacuums at City Center Vacuum in Red Deer - we provide a complete range of cleaning supplies to keep your home clean. So if you require products to clean your hardwood floors or have dishes and laundry to do, we can help you find the right cleaning products. We also have a wide selection of brands like Bona, Clean & Green, and more. So, we can help you find the cleaning supplies you are familiar with, or we can recommend a new brand that best fits your cleaning job.

If you have any questions about our cleaning supplies, please reach out to our knowledgeable team.

Hardwood Floors

Your hard floors need just as much care as your carpets. Having the right products to keep your hard floors clean, including hardwood, tile, laminate and more, is important. The products offered by City Center Vacuum are easy to apply and help create a cleaner space for you. We carry brands like Bona, Clean & Green and more safe and effective cleaning products.

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Carpet Shampoo

Having effective shampoo products that thoroughly clean your carpets is essential to remove dirt and stains. Remove dirt and more from your carpets with our carpet shampoos. City Center Vacuum carries brands that are effective and safe for your home or business. Contact our knowledgeable team to find out which product will work best for your carpet.

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Dishwasher Products

Have you been noticing hard water stains and spots when you finish a load of dishes? Or maybe your dishwasher needs a cleaning. At City Center Vacuums, we have products that will make your dishwasher more efficient. Whether you are looking for dishwasher salt or another product to make cleaning your dishes easier, City Center Vacuum can help.

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Doing laundry is no longer a tedious task with the products offered by City Center Vacuum. We have a range of laundry products that will help to easily remove stains and have your clothes looking and smelling clean. We carry products that are both gentle on your laundry and the environment. Find out more about our laundry product options.

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Scents & Dusters

Keeping your home or business healthy includes making sure the air is clean as well. City Center Vacuum has products that neutralize odours and having your space smelling fresh. We also carry dusters to eliminate dust from surfaces that may float into the air. Check out our range of scent products and dusters to keep your home or business fresh.

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Stain Removers

It can be frustrating to have to look at stains on your carpet day in and day out. With the help of City Center Vacuum, we can help you find the right stain remover products to remove pet messes, food stains and more from your carpets and fabric surfaces.

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