Central Vacuums Red Deer


City Center Vacuum in Red Deer carries a range of central vacuums along with installation, parts and accessories. Central vacuums provide better air quality as many can connect to an external vent; this means that what you vacuum up will never be recirculated back into your home. These vacuums also provide more power and are lighter to carry compared to upright vacuums. Our central vacuum brands include Beam, Sanitaire, and Nilfisk. If you are looking for a vacuum that offers a powerful and thorough clean, City Center Vacuum Sales & Service will help you find the right option for your home.

Central Vacuum Packages

The central vacuum packages from City Center Vacuum come complete with the tools you need to clean your floors effectively. We provide a range of central vacuum brand names, including Duovac and Beam. If you require more information on our central vacuum packages, please feel free to contact our helpful staff.

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Power Units

The power units offered by City Center Vacuum Sales & Service are the core of your central vacuum. They provide powerful suction and filtration. Power units can be installed in virtually any business or home. Our power unit options include brands such as Beam, Sanitaire and Nilfisk. Learn more about our power unit options, or contact our team for more information.

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Hose Kits & Packages

Whether you require a replacement hose for your existing central vacuum system or you want to expand on your vacuum cleaner, City Center Vacuum has a selection of hose kits and packages to fit your vacuuming needs. Contact our knowledgeable team if you require a suggestion on which hose kit will work best for you.

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Power Heads

Power head attachments for your central vacuum provide an additional level of suction power for those tough jobs. If you have pet hair or ground-in dirt in your carpet, the power heads offered by City Center Vacuum provide the best suction power. Find out more about our power head options from Beam, Sebo, Stair Pro and more.

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Parts & Accessories

Every home and business has different cleaning jobs that need to be tackled. At City Center Vacuum Supply & Service, we have a wide selection of central vacuum parts and accessories available. If you require a recommendation on which part will work best for you, our knowledgeable team is happy to help.

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